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01:- The fee structure mentioned in this document may be revised by RSMITEdu any time without prior notice to the candidates and the revised fee shall be payable as per the fee structure in existence at the time of enrollment of the candidate.

02:- Candidates will not be admitted to any of the programs/ courses without fulfilling the admission procedure. RSMITEdu reserves the right to grant admission to a candidate.

03:- The candidate shall furnish two additional passport size photographs along with the application form, else the application form is liable to be rejected.

04:- No photocopy of the application form will be accepted by RSMITEdu or any of it’s centres, except by written permission of the RSMITEdu chairman in special circumstances.

05:- Study material and/ or tool kit is part and parcel of the courses and no discounts will be entertained for not accepting the study material and/or tool kit.

06:- The study material and/ or tool kits will be provided at the time of start of the batch or after a period of 15 days from the date of deposit of the fee by the institute/ centre with Head Office of RSMITEdu.

07:- The candidate shall attend the classes/ sessions for not less than 85% of the sessions conducted by the institute under RSMITEdu for a particular trimester.

08:- In case my attendance of a candidate being less than 85% of the sessions conducted, He shall be automatically debarred from taking examinations/ tests held by the institute.

09:- In case of attendance of a candidate being less than 85% of the sessions conducted by the institute, He shall pay Rs. 500/- for reinstatement of his candidature under the course enrolled.

10:- The candidate will be liable to pay the requisite charges, if payable in installments, within 45 days of my admission to the course.

11:- In case, the candidate is not able to pay the dues within 45 days of enrolment to the course, the institute will have rights to cancel his registration without any intimation and debar him from attending any classes/ session and practical classes after that period.

12:- The candidate shall be taking examination/ tests on the date declared by the Institute.

13:- In case of candidate’s failure to take the examination/ test on the declared date, he shall be required to pay Rs. 500/- for rescheduling the examination/ test.

14:- The candidate shall abide by the rules and regulations of the institute and conduct himself in a manner that is not detrimental to the image of the institute and does not cause any harm to other students.

15:- The candidate shall not be cause any damage to the property of the institute/ centre and will make every effort to preserve and maintain the property of the institute. If there is loss or damage to the property of the institute due to the conduct of the candidate, the candidate is liable to make good such losses incurred by the institute.

16:- In case, a candidate is found guilty of misconduct or engaged in activities detrimental to the conduct and image of the institute, his registration may be cancelled by the institute and he shall be debarred from attending any classes or taking tests/ examinations conducted by the institute

17:- RSMITEdu reserves the right to conduct the tests/ examinations of the candidate anywhere in the country, if unavoidable circumstance arises during the conduct of the program, RSMITEdu reserves the right to transfer the candidate from one institute to another institute in case of unavoidable circumstances like closure of the institute in which he has taken admission.

18:- No re-evaluation facility will be provided by the institute/ RSMITEdu. If a candidate fails in any of the examination, he shall pay Rs. 500/- for re-examination. Only three attempts will be allowed to clear a test or examination. After the third attempt, the candidature of the student shall stand cancelled automatically.

19:- RSMITEdu reserves it’s right to conduct examination either web based or manually.

20:- In case of lost mark sheets or certificates, Rs. 500/-per document is chargeable to the candidate for issue of duplicate documents after the candidate produces the original copy of the FIR lodged by him for the loss of the documents and deposits the requisite charges

21:- The fee once paid by the candidate is non-refundable and non-transferrable under any circumstances

22:- The Rules and Regulations shall be binding on the candidates, once he is admitted to any of the programms.

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