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We believe that every child has the right to education as envisaged in our Constitution, develop himself or herself into a responsible citizen, is capable of earning his livelihood and, contributes to the growth and development of the nation to help it stand at par with other developed nations.


    • Organize educational and vocational training programmes, either directly or through appointment of associates or ATP s, with special concern for deprived sections, women/girls and un-employed youth to provide new skills, refine/sharpen/up-grade the existing skills leading to employment, self employment and income generation
    • Providing for grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving students for pursuing education, vocational training, skill development etc.
    • Construction and running of Schools, colleges, and education institutions.
    • Granting of financial assistance to any educational institution for granting scholarships, prizes, medals, awards for excellence in studies, sports and scientific research, distribution of books and note books for poor and deserving students.
    • Effort for the holistic development of the rural poor.
    • Educate and organize the poor, give them skill and technology, management and entrepreneurial training for their development.
    • Undertake development initiatives with the support of people's organization on the basis of people's plan.
    • Promote infrastructure and structural development plan.
    • Undertake integrated human resource development.
    • Education and Awareness about AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, TB and other diseases and pursue research in the area of medicine and general health.
    • Promote organization of forums such societies, mandals and association of Women, youth and workers with a view to undertake collective activities for socio-economic Development.
    • To Promote/Solve Cause of Health Care, Food Problem, Housing/Shelter Problems & Humanitarian Relief/Refugees I Indigenous People Problems.
    • Establishment, conduct, maintenance of clinical laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries and institutions of similar nature and providing financial assistance to the deserving persons for medical treatment, in any medical institution.
    • Establishment, conduct, maintenance of old age homes, homes for physically challenged men, women and children and persons with similar disabilities and also for granting financial assistance to institutions performing similar activities.
    • Providing for or contributing to education and scientific research and development.
    • Providing relief to the poor and advancing any other object of general public utility.
    • The Trust will not carry out any activities with the intention of earning profit and will perform with service motive only.
    • Activities of the Trust will be carried out within India and, outside India with requisite permission of the respective governments following laws of the land.


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