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A. The Opportunity
In today’s competitive market, and to capture all the educational needs means running multiple franchisees with nowhere to put attention to. The answer is being a Franchise of such an organization which provides Complete Education solutions under one roof, and is dynamic towards the need of students

  • Need of Software Education: In today’s scenario, where almost every organization, big or small, is equipped with computers and all businesses going global, there is a large demand for trained computer software professionals in every section of the society. Though hundreds of aspirants graduate every year, still the demand is so vast that the vacancies are growing day by day. And with foreign Companies establishing their offices in India, the demand has further increased.
  • Need of Hardware Education: With the growth of the software market, the demand for hardware professionals is also growing simultaneously.
  • Need for Spoken English/ English Language: The ability to speak and write in English has become very important. In the present scenario, almost every Office prefers its staff to be smart and well versed in English since it projects a better image of the Company he/she is representing as a whole. Though there are many institutes that teach Spoken English in classrooms, but the students of today seek for a better institution with national repute and not just what an individual teacher or any independent coaching institute can provide.
  • Need for ERP training: Today's ERP systems can cover a wide range of functions and integrate them into one unified database. For instance, functions such as Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relations Management, Financials, Manufacturing functions and Warehouse Management functions were all once stand alone software applications, usually housed with their own database and network, today, they can all fit under one umbrella - the ERP system. Industry lacks trained professionals for operating on ERP packages and their training, at times, becomes exorbitant and organisations are not willing to spend valuable resources just for training.

Our plan consists of establishing and running your own Authorised Learning Centre (ALC) of RSMIT-Edu, wherein you run a complete Educational foundation. You, as an Authorised Learning Centre, basically extend our services to the students in the approved learning modes of RSMIT-Edu. You retain a major portion of the programme charges collected from the students for extending our educational services.
B. Who can avail this Opportunity?
It only takes to be an entrepreneur for getting associated with us and opening an ALC. You should have the zeal and enthusiasm to serve your location and may not have any existing infrastructure. Age no bar but should be a major to enter into a contract. You should have willingness to invest in the required basic infrastructure. Rest of the job is done by RSMIT-Edu.
C. You earn in all ways
As an Authorised Learning Centre of RSMIT-EDU, you get the benefit of multiple franchisees i.e., you get a complete Educational Hub from which you earn while you help others to become an ALC in other locations.
The list of courses can be seen in the “courses” segment and covers the latest ERP program, offered by none in India. The courses range from a very short period to those running through out the year. Other vocational courses are in pipeline, which when introduced with create an educational hub at your centre, an opportunity offered rarely any institution.
D. Other Investment required
You need to spend on arranging the space for running the Centre (which can be your own space or rented accommodation). You also need to invest on your own local advertisement/ publicity and on some of the following; tables, chairs, OHP, lights, fans/ACs, and glow sign board, interiors, etc.
The space should have at least 2 class rooms, one practical room (computer room) and administrative area. Additional space will be preferred because the RSMIT-Edu will be launching other programs for the benefit of students and franchisees. Each class room should be able to accommodate a batch of 30-40 students and the computer room should be able to accommodate 12 computers at a later stage.
F. Quick Steps to become an Authorised ATP
Step I- If the city/town/PIN is available or you qualify all our specifications, then you are asked to send the license .
Step II- Go through all the documents enclosed in the ATP Kit properly.
Step III- Start advertising and Publicity. Purchase student kits from HO and start admissions.
You will be asked to sign an agreement with RSMIT-Edu. The cost of the stamp duty shall be born by the ATP and acquired in it’s own name
In case your location has been pre-approved, you will be required to send the application form .
G. Some Facts about your ALC

    • The location of the proposed centre should not be too far off from the bus-stand or the nearest railway station. Though this is not a deterrent, but only a suggestion to enable students of far flung areas to get enrolled in your centre.
    • The agreement with the ATP shall be primarily for a period of 10 years, subject to other terms and conditions.
    • The institution will not normally authorize any other person within 5 km of the existing centre for urban area and within 10 km of an existing centre in rural area. Though this criteria can be varied based on the population of the taluka/district of the existing location and shall be sole discretion of the RSMIT-Edu.
    • The ATP shall use only the name “Rashtriya Saksharta Mission I. T. Education” and shall not attach his own institute’s name or any other name in all promotions and displays in and around his centre. In other words, RSMIT-Edu prohibits co-branding by the centres.
    • RSMIT-Edu will provide a licence certificate to the ATP to act as the authorized centre and shall be prominently displayed by the ATP at his centre.
    • The liability of the RSMIT-Edu will be limited to providing administrative supports like providing prospectus, books for relevant programs, holding examination for the programs, issue of mark-sheets and certificates of the passing out students, providing identity cards to students enrolled etc.
    • The ATP shall not run any other program of any other institute in the same premises else it will amount to contravention of the terms and conditions of being an exclusive ATP of RSMIT-Edu.
    • The ATP shall abide by the operational rules and regulations of RSMIT-Edu.
    • The ATP shall transact only through negotiable instruments (Demand Draft or local cheque (MICR) or cheque payable at par). RSMIT-Edu does not take responsibility of transactions done through any other mode.
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